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The railway subway is one of the less obvious historical wonders of our town. Plans began in 1895 for the subway, with a deputation of residents meeting with Railway Commissioners, urging them to begin the subway as soon as possible. The subway was included in a list of works which would cost approximately £52,000, over 8 million in today’s currency. The plans for the subway had it ’beginning at the west end of the refreshment rooms, and brought out to meet the present pathway at the foot of the steps’. The subway was to be 8 feet wide. Although the Railway Commissioners visited Korumburra in July of 1895 and declared work would begin immediately, tenders were out put for the construction and closed in September. On Monday 10th September 1895 the contact was awarded to Messrs Smith and Sanders. The subway and a new engine shed were set to cost £2,500. The subway was completed probably in early 1896. In the early 1900’s it was extended out to Station Street.