Korumburra Botanic Park
by Janet Wilson

We have an absolute treasure on our doorstep in the Korumburra Botanic Park. Spring bursts forth with an array of green, bright greens on the trees that shed their canopy for the winter, and on the others that don’t throw off their cover there is all the growth of a new season, an array of softer greyish/bluish colour. The result is a feast of green, an absolute celebration of the arrival of spring. A visit in autumn or at any time would also delight.
In the trunk of a large conifer there was a crimson rosella taking great interest in a hollow section; maybe a young family was being brought up there, with a second Rosella watching on. The birdsong over the whole area was just magical.

Not far from there there was a kangaroo, and close by there was a koala. Oh, and there was wombat, and a large lizard, and I think I also saw a fox. The wonders of this magical part of Korumburra are adding up.

On to the historical aspect of our park, among all of those wonderful trees, there is a large English Oak, planted in 1911 at the time of the coronation of King George V. This beautiful tree was planted by six members of the Korumburra community: A. Lambert, T. McCowan, W. Walters, A.P. Lloyd, A.J. Cope and R.G. Shegog. These were all influential business men of the time, and what a legacy they have left for us. They were probably members of the original committee that set up the park. Their names appear on a memorial at the base of the tree.

The Korumburra Botanic Park is an icon of Korumburra, and perhaps a hidden treasure, that will both surprise and delight the visitor.




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