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  • Community: A Path Through the Pandemic
    by Terry Waycott. The Covid 19 Pandemic has been with us since March 2020. The purpose of this article is to highlight a significant historical engineering achievement that was completed during the Pandemic, from May 2020 until October 2020. I refer to the construction of the walking track from Guys […]
  • Korumburra Botanic Park
    Korumburra Botanic Parkby Janet Wilson We have an absolute treasure on our doorstep in the Korumburra Botanic Park. Spring bursts forth with an array of green, bright greens on the trees that shed their canopy for the winter, and on the others that don’t throw off their cover there is […]
  • Historical Icons: Jeetho Hall
    Jeetho Hall was voted most popular in Korumburra & District Historical Society’s first Historical Icons poll. Learn more about the hall from its dedicated community group and guardians, the Jeetho Hall committee. Jeetho Hallby Lorraine Knox The Jeetho Hall has a rich history as one of South Gippsland’s iconic buildings. […]
  • Drink Joe’s Ice Cold!
    Drink Joe’s Ice Cold!by C.S. Hughes In the drought of 1938, crops died, fruit shrivelled on the vine, blooms fell and flowers withered; nectar was so scarce swarms of bees descended on The South Gippsland Cordial Co, and in the space of a few days consumed four gallons of the […]
  • Memories of Devlin’s and the Mine Road Shops
    Memories of Devlin’s and the Mine Road Shopsby Dennis Conn Recently I found a Korumburra Times dated 10th February, 1960. In it was an advertisement from Devlin’s Grocery for a brand of tea named Gossip. It said “Gossip Tea less than five shillings a pound – four shillings and eleven pence”. […]
  • Korumburra and District’s Historical Icons
    Collecting objects is an ancient human practise and the interest in antiques and historical items continues to gain popularity. But buildings have not always been held in the same esteem. In medieval times, little was thought of tearing down a palace to build an updated one, buildings were lost in […]
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Korumburra Railway Subway
    Korumburra Railway Subway by Olga Hughes Last week Linda Fisher suggested that we include the railway subway in our ‘Historical Wonders’ group. The suggestion surprised me as, despite walking through the subway frequently, I have never wondered when it was built. The railway subway is certainly one of the less […]
  • Halloween: The Ghost at the Top of the Town
    The Ghost at the Top of the Town by Olga Hughes Recently we have been discussing what we call the ‘Top of the Town’ building, a building that has a surprisingly long history concealed beneath the layers of bright paint. It is striking and inconspicuous at the same time, for […]
  • Korumburra’s ‘Haunted House’ Emma Young’s Corner Shop
    Every resident of Korumburra knows of our ‘Haunted House’, the stark grey concrete building that looms on the corner of Princes Street. Its boarded-up windows and lichen-covered roof-tiles seem to harbour many supernatural mysteries, but the truth is rather a lot simpler. It may not contain lost souls, but perhaps […]
  • Halloween Month: Our Haunted House
    Here is a story about a couple who married both for the second time, both with baggage, lots of kids that were adults, and both with a lot of furniture. They did what a lot of people do and moved to South Gippsland from the Mornington Peninsula, as it is […]
  • The Historical Wonders of Korumburra & District
    Korumburra and District Historical Society is interested in hearing about our historical wonders. We have complied an initial list of some of the remarkable historic buildings and sites we live alongside. Please vote in the poll below or comment to let us know which of our historical wonders is most […]
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: ‘Top of the Town’ its place in our history
    Thanks to Ethan for sending this in: Hidden in plain sight is the history that is locked away and painted over, in the big abandoned building on the bends that we all drive past every day at 33 Bridge Street, Korumburra.  by Janet Wilson We have some knowledge of the […]
  • They Can’t Burn Memories
    At a time when members of the Historical Society have been thinking about the history of the buildings at 3/5 King Street, and the association with the Korumburra Theatre building, it has come to their notice that Brian Blake wrote an article relating to the theatre. It is a lively […]
  • Community: A Covid19 Insight
    A Covid19 Insight by Jan . Morris A Korumburra Medical Centre virus-test and isolation was completed, before my operation at Peninsula Private, the test was negative. After the procedure, the surgeon was concerned about my chest, thinking I had an infection, just my asthma playing-up. Upstairs to the isolation-room, my […]
  • The Alp Duplex 
Elijah William Alp
    The Alp Duplex Part II by Judy Ife Elijah William Alp (Bill) Born England 1873- Died Korumburra 1959 By looking at the life of Bill Alp we gain an understanding of why, amongst the weatherboard single
houses of Korumburra, a brick duplex was built. We also understand the significance of a […]
  • The Alp Duplex: The Architecture
    The Alp Duplex: The Architecture by Judy Ife Intriguing and unique, the mirror image duplex houses at 3 and 5 King Street are a fascinating part of the streetscape and story of Korumburra. Viewing these properties, also termed maisonettes, there is a sense that you have transported to inner urban […]